Taborski Farms

Styrian type pumpkin seeds
from Polish fields

The tradition of growing pumpkin seeds is in our genes

Welcome to the fascinating world of „Taborski Farms” – a farm that has been in existence since 1947 and is a proud representative of Polish tradition in pumpkin seed farming.

Our story is a journey through generations full of passion, dedication, and love for the land.

Discover how this extraordinary story has blossomed!

From the very beginning, when our grandfather Stefan Taborski founded this farm, we let ourselves be carried away by our passion for agriculture.

Our dream was to create a place where pumpkin seeds would not only be a product but a true work of nature’s art.

Today, we continue the legacy of our family and families from the Lubelskie region in Poland, nurturing pumpkins with love and care.

Our pumpkins are a true treasure of nature.

We dedicate time and attention to cultivate them in an ecological and sustainable manner.

It’s not just about taste; it’s about delivering quality and value to our customers.

That’s why our pumpkin seeds make their way overseas, reaching conscious and discerning consumers who understand that quality is a priority.

Our family went through the hardships and joys of country life, which is why our pumpkins are unique. We are often asked what our secret is –

the answer is simple: it’s passion, tradition, and attention to detail. We offer you pumpkin seeds that not only taste delicious but also contain a piece of our family’s history.

Our team is truly passionate. Every day we face the challenge of bringing you the highest quality pumpkin seeds.

It is our mission for you to enjoy a healthy and delicious taste, knowing that you are supporting tradition and agriculture grounded in values.

For „Taborski Farms” there are no borders. Our pumpkin seeds are winning the hearts of consumers around the world.

Thanks to you, our story is spreading far beyond our fields, reaching chefs, foodies and conscious eaters worldwide.

We invite you to our world, where tradition, quality, and passion come together as one. „Taborski Farms” is more than just a farm; it is a story we want to share with you through our pumpkin seeds.

Let’s savor the taste of nature together and continue this extraordinary journey!

We are constantly striving for excellence, which is why we have invested in modern technological lines and the latest agricultural machinery.

These are our secret weapons in competing in the global market. Our field is not only a collection of traditions, but also places where innovation and technology meet nature.

We optimize energy and water consumption, minimizing our impact to environment.

This is our response to global challenges and concern for the future of our planet.

By combining tradition with innovation, „Taborski Farms” is ready for the world market. Our pumpkin seeds are not only a taste, they also prove that agriculture can be sustainable, modern and competitive.

Together with you, we are building the future of agriculture and shaping the taste of the world.